L3DFX is a custom fabrication shop for entertainment industries such as theme park, haunted house, paintball, family entertainment centers, television and film. L3DFX has produced props for films such as Jurassic World and Transformers 5. We are seeking highly qualified, motivated creatives to add to our team. Let us know if you think you have what we're looking for!

Job Purpose:

Joins metal parts, and fills seams and holes of metal components for creative fabrications. Follows sketches and specifications. Inspects equipment and structures. Follows and maintains knowledge of safety protocol.

Job Duties:

  • Set up welding machine based on the job at hand or using Welding Procedure Specification.

  • Complete strong, clean welds both for structural fabrication and light frame assembly.

  • Ability to bend solid round stock (1/4") into shape, complete tack welds.

  • Read blueprints, shop drawings, and sketches in order to execute jobs and tasks to specification.

  • Assess equipment, structures, materials, and job specifications for appropriate welding positions and methods.

  • Monitor equipment for appropriate usage and temperature.

  • Develop a working knowledge related to methods used for welding a variety of materials and components.

  • Trim metal components using heat, fire, and/or electricity.

  • Monitor work environment for hazards and maintain a healthy ventilation level to avoid particle or gas inhalation.

  • Follow safety protocol, including wearing heat-resistant gloves, protective masks, clothing and safety shoes.

  • Keep work area clean and organized and take proper care of all equipment and facilities.

  • Assemble items as instructed by floor/plant supervisor.

  • Work with team members to maximize productivity and efficiency.

  • Lift raw materials, final products, and items packed for shipment, manually (up to 60 pounds), or using a hoist for heavier objects.

  • Follow company rules and policies.

  • Uphold all ISO and OSHA standards applicable to the responsibilities above.

Ideal Welder Candidate Skills and Qualifications:

  • At least 6 months welding experience.

  • Creativity

  • Formal Training Through a Vocational or Technical School, Relevant Welder or Welding Fabricator Certifications, or in instances of lack of formal education good work history/experience.

  • Ability to Read Blueprints, or basic shop drawings.

  • Attention to detail, ability to complete paperwork and be organized.

  • Strong work ethic, with good employment history and reliability.

Apply To:

If you do not have a resume, please send a brief email (to RYAN@L3DFX.COM) with your contact information and provide:

  • Work experience.

  • Skills relevant to the job.

  • Best contact information for you.

Job Type:

  • Full-time